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About us


Bean Code的品牌理念是独特、健康和品质





就是要让大家能真实感受到Bean Code的热情和执着

Bean Code is the first store in Sydney that specialise in handmade soybean pudding (‘Tofa’) & soybean products. We insist in hand making every bowl of Tofa in store with our proprietary recipe, using high quality organic soybean with no preservatives. Our Tofa is healthy and rich in flavours, so smooth and silky that it melts in the mouth immediately after taken, softer than a custard. More often, the customers will compare the texture to a Crème Brûlée.

Our key values are Unique, Healthy, and Quality. We are always creative and focus on maintaining a consistent quality for all our products. For instance, our Signature Soy Milk Tea becomes so popular among the milk tea drinkers because each cup is freshly brewed-to-order which creates a perfectly smooth, rich & unique taste.

Most importantly, we want to introduce food that can be delicious and healthy at the same time, and share this around to bridge food culture from other places. That’s why we choose to open our first store in Australia – a place that is rich in culture and diversity.  We hope to bring you new tastes and ways to enjoy soybean products. Have you bean coded?

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